Pharmacy Real Estate

Our pharmacy real estate services will answer your important qustions: 

  • Should I purchase or lease my pharmacy office space?
  • Should I locate in a medical building, hospital campus, retail center or stand-alone property?
  • How will my location best accommodate my referral sources?
  • Will a satellite office or compounding facility increase my profitability?
  • Who are the most qualified industry experts to complete my team?

At Carr Healthcare Realty, our pharmacy real estate experts understand the unique real estate needs of pharmacies.

We know how to capitalize on each transaction, while saving you the most time and money and ensuring your location positions your Pharmacy for the highest level of success. 

As a Pharmacy owner, you can trust your real estate representation to Carr Healthcare Realty.

Whether you are opening your first office, renegotiating an existing lease, purchasing a building or scaling nationally, Carr Healthcare Realty’s pharmacy real estate experts will ensure your interests are always first.

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“…provided great information and followed through in a very timely, proactive manner.”

Lee Marogi
Orchard View Pharmacy

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

…they saved me over $75,000 the first year alone, not even including what I’ll save over the course of my entire lease term.

Rudi As-Sanie, DDS

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“…put together the most comprehensive package to obtain a fantastic location and competitive lease.”

Anthony Naranja, DDS

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“They treated me as if I was their only client and were very prompt, open, and honest through the entire clinic search.”

John Younker, DVM

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