Time to own your office space?
Tired of paying your landlord’s mortgage?
Interested in creating an additional revenue stream?
Want to avoid renegotiating your lease every few years?

For many healthcare providers, the answers to these questions are a resounding, “YES!”

Owning your office space can be a very profitable investment. It puts you in control of your growth, the future of your practice and eventually your exit strategy.

Every year at Carr Healthcare Realty, we help hundreds of healthcare providers purchase buildings, office condos and land to develop their own buildings.


Owning commercial real estate has significant differences compared to residential real estate, including:

  • Financing and loan structures
  • Operating expenses
  • Zoning and use restrictions
  • Exit strategy
  • And many more…

We specialize in helping healthcare practices navigate the ideal timing, property type and process, while securing the most experienced partners to complete a purchase transaction.

We clearly define how your top purchase opportunity compares to your top lease opportunity through a detailed purchase vs. lease analysis.  This ensures you make the best economic decision that supports your practice’s profitability.

Types of Purchases

  • Office Condos
  • Stand-Alone Buildings
  • Purchasing Land
  • Developing Your Own Building
  • Fractional Ownership Interest
  • Retail vs. Office

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“Everything was finalized successfully and in a timely manner thanks to their support, advice, and aggressive negotiation skills through this complex transaction.”

Emilio Arguello, DDS

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“They did an outstanding job coordinating my purchase between me, the seller and my attorney. I could not have completed this transition without their help; they were always one step ahead.”

Aaron Layton, DDS

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“Their negotiations were instrumental in the purchase of my building that was not currently on the market. Carr’s expertise was invaluable and they were a pleasure to work with, readily available throughout the process.”

Brandt Jones, DDS

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“…would encourage anyone contemplating a purchase or lease negotiation to look no further than Carr Healthcare Realty. They truly embody the highest character and are the hardest working in their area of expertise.”

Adam Saeks, DDS

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