Commercial Lease Renewals

Representation is Paramount

Lease renewals are the most common transaction in commercial real estate.

More healthcare tenants find themselves being taken advantage of by their landlord during renewals, than in any other transaction, as many landlord’s definition of a market lease rate is the most they can get a tenant to pay.

Additionally, the majority of landlords negotiate professionally for a living and often with the assistance of professional real estate brokers.

Losing money during a commercial lease renewal negotiation can dramatically reduce your profitability, considering that real estate is typically a practice’s 2nd highest expense behind payroll.

With this much at stake, hiring professional representation to protect your interests is paramount.

Leveling The Playing Field


Lease Renewal Negotiation

There are three things you should clearly understand during a lease renewal:

  1. You have the right to professional representation
  2. You should have a defined strategy before entering negotiations
  3. The same concessions available on a new lease can also be obtained during a lease renewal

Commercial landlords are in business to maximize the value of their properties. Their goal is to charge the highest lease rates while giving the lowest amount of concessions.

At Carr Healthcare Realty, we level the playing field during lease renewal negotiations and ensure our clients receive the best lease rates possible along with the most concessions available.

Don't Be Taken Advantage Of

There are three ways landlords often treat existing tenants worse than new tenants:

  1. They attempt to charge higher lease rates
  2. They offer fewer concessions
  3. They tell tenants not to hire representation

Their approach is intended to give them a distinct advantage over the tenant during negotiations.

The most successful companies in the world engage professional representation on their behalf and so should you.

Refuse to be taken advantage of by hiring an advocate that will ensure you are protected and help you capitalize on your next commercial lease negotiation.

Lease Renewal Strategy

  • Hire an expert real estate broker

  • Perform a detailed lease analysis

  • Identify the top viable options in your area

  • Compare your current lease terms to the market

  • Evaluate purchase vs. lease scenarios

  • Customize a strategy based on your objectives

  • Allow your team to execute on your behalf to protect your interests

  • Capitalize through skilled negotiating

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“…turned the situation around in my favor and assertively negotiated new lease terms.”

Matthew Rolfson, DDS

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“They are experts in acquiring better terms…”

Robert Deloian, DDS

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“…negotiated on my behalf with the landlord. The result was nothing short of amazing…”

Steven Colm, DMD

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“…they negotiated a tenant improvement allowance that was more than double than originally offered.”

Larry Wilner, DO

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