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Delivering superior results for all healthcare practice lease and purchase negotiations and transactions.


Are you looking to start a new practice?
Are you looking to add locations to your existing operation?

Carr Healthcare Realty can assist you in the identification of desirable properties, deliver competitive market analysis, and provide expert representation during your negotiations. We have custom lease analysis and lease vs purchase comparison reports to help you make the most informed decision possible. Let our skilled and experienced team help save you time and money.

✓    Define Geographic & Demographic Parameters

✓    Property Search & Identification

✓    Competitive Market Analysis

✓    Lease vs Purchase

✓    Expert Representation

✓    Skilled Negotiation

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Is your lease going to expire in the next 12 months?

Are you happy with your current space and looking to extend your lease arrangement? Were you aware that you have the right to expert representation even during a renewal negotiation? Many healthcare professionals may have been represented during their initial search for an office but may think they can’t have a broker during lease renewals. However, the same terms and concessions are available if you have expert representation. Carr Healthcare Realty helps clients save time and money, often lots of money, during critical lease renewal negotiations. Market conditions may have changed since your original agreement. Lease renewals are ideal times to look at upgrades to the leased space, evaluate lease terms and rates, and compare all options in the market. Contact us for your free lease evaluation and to understand your rights and options during your lease renewal.

✓   Evaluate Current Lease Terms

✓    Evaluate Other Opportunities in the Market

✓    Competitive Market Analysis

✓    Expert Representation

✓    Skilled Negotiation

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Expansion Services

Is your practice growing?
Are you adding staff or equipment?
Are you feeling stuck in a lease that no longer serves your needs?

If you’re getting cramped but like your current location, ask about available expansion services where Carr Healthcare Realty can help you acquire additional space in your current building. Our experienced brokers can increase your credibility and offer skilled negotiation as you grow.

✓    Evaluate Current Lease Terms

✓    Evaluate expanding or relocating in your current building, complex or property portfolio

✓    Evaluate a buy-out or termination of your current lease terms

✓    Expert Representation

✓    Skilled Negotiation

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Are you ready to move your practice?

Whether it’s the wrong part of town, a need for more space, or you just don’t like your current office anymore, Carr HCR can help you find an ideal location at the best possible terms.

Allow our experienced brokers to guide you through every phase of the relocation process.

✓    Evaluate Current Lease Terms

✓    Coordinate Exit Strategy & Timeline

✓    Coordinate Timeline for Move-In of New Space

✓    Define Geographic & Demographic Parameters

✓    Property Search & Identification

✓    Competitive Market Analysis

✓    Lease & Purchase Analysis

✓    Expert Representation

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Have you decided to purchase a practice?

The real estate side of healthcare practice acquisitions can be fraught with pitfalls. Remove the stress and worry by having our experienced team of brokers assist you in this niche healthcare real estate transaction.

✓    Evaluate Renegotiation of Current Lease Terms

✓    Explore Lease Assignment

✓    Extend Lease Term

✓    Create Sublet Arrangement

✓    Remove Personal Guarantee Issues

✓    Expert Representation

✓    Skilled Negotiation

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“They negotiated a new purchase at VERY favorable terms about HALF the cost of replacement value in brand new, unfinished space. I recommend Carr Healthcare Realty without reservation. Every interaction was professionally and personally handled, every detail attended to, and they were truly wonderful to work with. My practice will benefit financially from their professional and experienced advice.”

Joanne Hendrick, OD

“From day one, I felt like Carr Healthcare Realty and I were on a mission together to find the best office space in the location I wanted. Their team’s understanding of my needs, their expertise in my industry and preferred area, and their dependable professionalism offered the perfect combination of skills that resulted in exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend Carr Healthcare Realty without hesitation, their capabilities speak for themselves.”

Demetrios Syrpes, DDS

“I was overwhelmed but Carr Healthcare Realty made it easy. As a new business owner the biggest decision was trying to find a place to open my practice. Carr Healthcare Realty helped explain how commercial real estate worked and took me to some great locations. They negotiated an incredible deal including free rent and about 80% of my build out paid for by the landlord! I didn’t even know that was possible! I’m now happily moved in and I get compliments all the time about the great location.”

Leanna Dudley, OD