Vision Care Real Estate

At Carr Healthcare Realty, we specialize in representing Vision Care providers with all their healthcare real estate needs.

We have extensive experience negotiating and advocating for:

  • Optometrists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Vision Therapists
  • Lasik Specialists

We understand how the layout of exam lanes, presentation of the optical and ability to incorporate new technologies into the office affects efficiency and profitability. 

Vision Care providers trust Carr Healthcare Realty to save them a substantial amount of time and money, while avoiding pitfalls, and ensuring their interests are always first.

Whether you are opening your first office, renegotiating an existing lease, purchasing a building or scaling nationally, Carr Healthcare Realty will ensure your interests are always represented at the highest level.

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Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“Carr was concerned about me and my success, not just getting a deal done.”

Mark Maybury, OD

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“They obtained a long-term lease agreement better than we ever imagined and positioned our business for long-term success!”

Brandy Cook, DO

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

“Carr Healthcare Realty took all the negotiating pressure off my hands. My lease was lowered 17% and I received tenant improvement funds and free rent.”

Ken Mayemura, OD

Thousands of Healthcare Professionals Trust Us

 “Everything was executed in a professional and timely manner. Carr was a strong advocate and made us feel like a priority.”

Heidi Kopp, OD

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